Fakture is the production Atelier of the Kris Jackson Company. A Full service design and manufacturing arm, we offer a variety of design and manufacturing services from illustration to pattern and sample making to low volume production services. We can take you from just an idea to finished sample and production. We produce anywhere from minimum of 12 units of any one piece and we pride ourselves on making sure the fit and quality of each and every piece is up to standard.

 Led by formally trained Designer and Pattern maker with 11 Years of experience Kris Jackson who aims to magnify the fashion industry in Jamaica by providing these much needed services to help fashion entrepreneurs level up from cottage industry to professional standards with new avenues for growth and the ability to compete in the world market

 Services offered:

Basic (line sketches) – Black and white computer generated sketches these can be used for showing potential customers.

Stylized Illustrations – Full colour stylized illustrations for use in brochures on websites etc. – hand sketched and digitized.

Technical Drawings – Flat computer drawings of garment pieces showing design details. Tech drawings/flats are used on line sheets, spec sheets and pattern sheets to give an accurate depiction of what the garment would look like layed flat on a surface. They are important for large scale manufacturing in the garment industry.

Line sheets – These provide information on the styles in a collection, showed via tech drawings /flats. For example, the various colour ways and options per Sku.

Spec sheets – Provide the accurate measurements of a particular style in keeping with what is on the final sample garment piece.

Pattern Sheets – provide information on the pattern pieces needed for each style.

Pattern making and grading – Drafted flat patterns used as the template for cutting the fabric for garment construction. These are then adjusted up or down in specific increments to create the sizes needed.

Sample Making – A finished perfect garment used to dictate all the details to be followed on the production pieces.

Low Volume production (from 12 units upwards) – We will produce 12 pieces upwards of any style in mixed sizes.

Private Label Design & Design Consultation – Have a concept but don’t have the design or technical skills? We will flesh out the idea for you and take you through product development in its entirety.

 For more information email contact@krisjstyle.com